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My name is Jeff Goar. I am a lover of baseball and podcast aficionado. I have over 10 years of experience in IT Software & Business Application development. My passion is molding technology to fulfill peoples needs and desires. I have spent my career analyzing, developing, and implementing processes and applications that take clients to the next level. Whether that is identifing and automating a processing queue for a large New Accounts department or spinning up a Website and identity for a small business, I can jump in anywhere in the development process from start to finish.

If you’re looking for someone who can get you up and running or dive into an existing environment and get started, then let’s get started today!



  • Senior Software Developer
    • Brought in to convert an in house developed Insurance quoting and user dashboard from internal authentication to a new third party who bought out the company.
    • Used C# to write and modify code to integrate with MetLife’s authentication using their own API’s.
    • Once authenticated, wrote code to pull users policies and profiles and present them on the web app.
  • Senior Software Developer
    • Developed a proprietary IT Process Monitoring Dashboard.
    • Used .Net MVC, jQuery, Kendo, SQL, & Oracle to feed data to dashboard and provide management with a real time view of all their vital processes to make sure they are running and provide them notification if a process were to fail.
    • Used previous BI knowledge & experience to design and provide upper management with relevant KPIs to give them an overview of how their business is running.
  • Application Developer 8/2016-9/2020
    • Designed, developed, deployed Web Applications in C#.NET, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery & other web tools
    • Created web applications that automated processes resulting in many hours saved in daily processing queues. This allowed the business to reallocate FTE’s to focus on other areas that needed attention.
    • Acted in a Project Manager/Lead Developer role for many projects that required close partnership with the business to successfully fulfil their needs.
    • Lead developer of a large Microsoft Access footprint. Part of the enhancements process required rewriting Access databases to Web Applications.
    • Used Microsoft SQL Server to create Tables, write Stored Procedures, create SSIS packages, and used SSRS to create reports.
    • Used Visual Studio for development and TFS integration with Jenkins and Genesis for code management and deployment.
    • Created Web Apps for business users to quickly identify key account traits, report on, and act on findings
    • Created application workflow jobs using BPM and SSIS to move key batch data from mainframe to windows and ETL the data into SQL server.

    Business Technology Specialist I & II 1/2014 – 8/2016
    • Responsible for the creation, maintenance, and deployment of databases and applications to assist users with daily tasks.
    • Conceptualized and developed application (Life Event Tool) for all Branch and Home Office users to step through processes and determine the correct documentation needed to process intricate life events.
    • Developed tool for management to post important updates and communications, while allowing users to attest that they’ve read the item or email the creator with further questions.
    • Lead developer for operations-wide SharePoint based Request and Issue tracking system for all associates and Business Technology Specialists to utilize to track and report projects and issues
    • Created database application to handle letter creation and Mutual Fund transfers for the Account Transfers department
    • Worked directly with users to troubleshoot any escalated issues with applications.
  • User Experience Administrator II 8/2013-1/2014
    • Focus on UI/UX, updating current sites and applications to new design standards
    • Conducted feedback sessions and site audits to determine best plan of action for new side design
    • Primary focus on interactive design and most efficient click through path.
    • Rewrote 20,000 lines of code, condensing them to 12,000 to make application platform more stable & efficient
    System Administrator II 5/2011 – 8/2013
    • Designed, built, and administered databases using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. Amount of users ranging from 1 - 5000+.
    • SharePoint administrator. Set up department Intranet, tools, and applications using SharePoint Designer.
    • Project Lead on auditing program/database overhaul. Worked with a team spanning the country to create and develop a new program to revamp the auditing process and house auditing data in a more efficient and effective manner
    • Created call center web dashboard to house tools, reference information, and other web apps
    • Used VBA and Rocket Software's BlueZone API to build complex macros to scrape data from the IBM Mainframe. gathered and stored sensitive business data using Excel, Access, and SQL Server to create automated reporting applications
    • Used Avaya Terminal Emulator and CMS Supervisor to administrate call center call flow.
    • Acted as frontline hardware support. Troubleshoot issues and researched possible resolutions to pass on the second-tier support.
    • Created visually appealing and engaging PowerPoint presentations for Executive Meetings, Department Rallies, and various company events.
    • Utilized experience and knowledge of Video Production to create professional, engaging, and entertaining videos to include in various meetings and events. Filmed Managers in the Executive Development Program to create an additional outlet for them to receive personal feedback on their executive program presentations.
    • testCreated and administrated classes for Supervisors and Managers on using Microsoft OneNote best practices to help organize and maintain their associates, as well as basic computer knowledge
    System Coordinator 9/2010 - 5/2011
    • Database administration, VBA Macros, Associate Stats, and Business KPI Reports
    Credit Analyst 10/2009 - 9/2010
    • Inbound customer service calls assisting customers that had issues with credit applications.
    • Gained thorough knowledge of PCI Security standards and credit laws in the banking industry.
    • Client Relations and Customer Service: Met with clients to devise a plan to design, create and launch personalized website. Partnered with my clients to resolve any issues they may face.
    • Site Development: Created initial design and implemented. Delivered information in a UX friendly manner.
    • Site Design: Utilizing knowledge of CSS and HTML, molded hand created templates into simple and aesthetically pleasing sites.
    • Site Reporting: Created reports for clients to view and understand hit count vs. bounce rate.
    • Client-Side scripting: Extensive knowledge and use of jQuery JavaScript library and plugins.
    • Content creation: Editing pictures and logos, utilizing Photoshop, to all tie into the pages' theme.


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